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Shop Floor Control

INFIMACS II Shop Floor Control provides all of the functions required to manage and control the manufacturing floor, including on-line routing maintenance, labor reporting, and scheduling. The module maintains the data to optimize on-time completions, evaluate plant workload, and determine the capacity needs based on the current material plan. INFIMACS II Shop Floor Control is integrated with other modules to maintain current work order information at all times.

Through Shop Floor Control, users may define departments, with departmental overhead rate, work centers and the length of the production day for both labor and machine time, employee grades with hourly charge rates, and machines with their attendant charge rate. Utilizing these resources, standard or custom (one-time) routings are defined which identify and describe the work centers and operations required to make each manufactured item. In addition, engineering change control may be used to track changes to routings. Vendor subcontract (outside) operations can also be defined and tracked.

For each routing operation, you can enter process yield, setup time standards, and production time standards. Setup standards enable you to enter the employee grade required for the task, the type of time (setup only, elapsed, or piece rate), and the quantity of time. Labor and machine standards are similarly defined for the production run.

Performance against routings is tracked and variances are posted through the Manufacturing Cost Control module. Similar to material costs, routing times may be rolled up through the Manufacturing Cost Control module to generate new labor and machine time standards for Shop Floor Control. INFIMACS II Shop Floor Control generates detailed schedules for released work orders based on the Shop Calendar defined in the System Control module. The production calendar can be overridden when unplanned production hours are required, thereby maintaining accuracy of your production tracking. Schedules are developed using the backward scheduling technique, which calculates the start and completion date of each work in process operation based on the due date of the work order. If there is not enough time to complete the order based on the Inventory Control due date, the system will forward schedule the order based on the routing and calculate a Shop Floor Control completion date. The inventory planner can then see the Shop Floor Control scheduled completion date versus the Inventory Control due date.

Progress is evaluated during the manufacturing cycle, making projected completion dates available to the inventory planner and shop floor supervisor.

Dispatch lists for each work center assist in optimizing on-time completions by presenting work orders in priority sequence. Detailed capacity load reports are also available for each work center, expressing the capacity in either daily or weekly buckets of the scheduled load versus the planned capacity.


  • Work In Process Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Capacity Planning


Shop Floor Setup

  • Labor Booking by Operation or Order Number
  • Length of Production Day
  • Machine Hours Available
  • Work Center Calendar Override
  • Work Center Machine Override
  • Scheduling Factor by Work Center
  • Queue Hours
  • Employee Grade Labor Rates (Frozen and Current)
  • Machine Grade Labor Rates
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Backward Scheduling
  • Natural or Compressed Float (for Critical Ratio Calculations)

Routing Control

  • Change Order Control Options for Routing
  • Routing by Item or Commodity Code
  • Alternate or Rework Routing
  • Subcontract Operations

Work Order Tracking

  • Order Routing Updates
  • Labor Booking Updates


  • Employees
  • Employee Grades
  • Work Centers
  • Departments
  • Machines
  • Processes
  • Machine Override
  • Work Center Calendar Override
  • Shop Floor System Control
  • Work Center Schedule
  • Work Order Routing
  • Work Order Cost (Actual vs. Standard, with Variances)
  • Work Order Labor Detail
  • Work Order Production
  • Work Order Production Cost
  • Work Order Summary and Detail
  • Work Order Transaction Audit
  • Detail Work Center Load
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
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