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RFQ Module (Bids)

The INFIMACS II RFQ Module provides the ability to generate and print requests for quotation from vendors for inventory and non-inventory items, as well as for services and estimates. These RFQs can be created manually, or generated automatically from requisitions and estimates. Once created, the RFQs are then processed through a cycle that includes vendor selection, price approval and PO creation.

RFQs can be generated from estimates, as well as from PO requisitions for direct material, indirect material and service items. These new requests can generate new RFQ master records, or can be added to existing RFQ records. After the RFQ records are created, it is then possible to modify the bidding vendor list for each item.

During the creation of new RFQs, the system automatically generates a selection list of potential vendors, based on the standard INFIMACS II item/ vendor PO history. In addition, it is possible to add “Prospective” vendors to the RFQ vendor selection list (these are potential vendors who have not supplied material previously and therefore do not exist in the standard Vendor Master file).

A given RFQ can consist of multiple-items, as well as multiple- delivery schedules for each item. The RFQ vendor mailing form, which is similar to a purchase order, includes a list of each item and each delivery date for which a quote is required.

When quotes are received from a vendor, the prices and special charges are entered into the RFQ records and the winning vendors are selected. The RFQ Workbench then provides the ability to automatically convert the RFQ to a new purchase order or to a new line on an existing purchase order. If a prospective vendor is selected as the winning vendor, the workbench automatically adds the Vendor Master record when the PO is created.

In the Estimating module, a unique feature in the Estimate Workbench allows the user to generate new RFQs for each estimate item, as well as to view old RFQs (for all items), then select the desired RFQ and automatically update the item’s cost in the Estimate Item Master.


  • Generate RFQs from Requisitions and Estimates
  • Print RFQ Form
  • Convert RFQ to Purchase Order
  • Enter Prices and Charges
  • Use Standard and “Prospective” Vendors


Generate RFQs

  • Create RFQs from Requisitions
  • Direct, Indirect and Service Items
  • Estimate Items
  • Assign RFQ Numbers Automatically
  • Multiple Items and Requisitions on Single RFQ
  • Track Initial User, Requisition and Source

RFQ Processing

  • Maintain and Approve RFQs
  • Select and Approve Vendor List
  • Generate and Approve Schedules
  • Print RFQ Form and Reports
  • Enter Prices, Charges and Dates
  • Select Winning Vendors
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Close, Re-open and Reverse RFQs

RFQ to PO Conversion

  • Use New or Existing PO
  • Multiple Items on Single PO
  • Multiple Delivery Schedules for Single Item
  • Special Charges and ODC Codes
  • Convert Prospective Vendor to Standard Vendor

RFQ Inquiries and Reports

  • Lookup by Item, Vendor, PO, Estimate, etc.
  • RFQ Form Print
  • RFQ Summary Report
  • RFQ Details by Vendor
  • RFQ Details by Item
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