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RF Labor Collection

The Relevant RF Labor Collection Module uses the RFGen program from DataMAX to collect employee clock-ins and clock-outs from RF and non-RF devices. These records are saved in a Time and Attendance file, which applies the labor to work order or configured sales order operations, or to manufacturing accounts for indirect labor. The resulting labor records are imported directly into INFIMACS II with the speed and flexibility of wireless transmission and accuracy of bar-code scanners. Relevant provides all the programming to format records, validate order numbers, calculate labor time, apportion labor performed on simultaneous operations, validate employee’s end-of-day, lunch start and stop times, and overtime approval flag.

If a customer already has a third-party labor collection system in place, they can purchase the back-end import program with instructions on formatting the data in the Time and Attendance and Labor Collection files. The import program can run in the background and continuously load labor data into INFIMACS II, or run in batch mode so data can be collected even while the system is offline, or from locations where a connection to INFIMACS II is not accessible. Then the import program can be run in batch mode to load collected records.

INFIMACS II provides bar-coded printouts for work order input/output and routings. Additionally, bar-code fonts are available from the Internet for adding bar-codes to Crystal Reports or MS Word documents. Bar-code scanners can read barcodes on reports or employee badges to rapidly and accurately clock employees in and out of operations. Keyboards on collection devices also allow manual entry of non-coded information, such as quantities completed on an order or operation.


  • Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Time and Attendance
  • Work Order Labor
  • Indirect Labor



  • Wireless Radio Frequency Devices
  • On-line Database Updating
  • Background Processing
  • RF Collection Continuous during Down Time
  • Data Validation during Import
  • Error/Reason Log for Rejected Data

RF Labor (DataMAX) Features and Transactions

  • Clock-in for Day or Operation(s)
  • Day Automatically Clocked-in when Clocking-in on Operation
  • Day Automatically Clocked-out when Employee End-of-day Time has Passed
  • Labor Time Adjusted for Employee’s Lunch Start and Stop Times
  • Labor Time Apportioned among Operations Clocked-in Simultaneously
  • Indirect Labor Charged to Mfg. Account
  • Approved Employees can Enter Overtime
  • Approved Employees can Enter Operation Quantity Complete

Barcoded Labor Documents

  • Work Order Input/Output Report
  • WO Routing

3rd-party Labor Collection

  • Labor Collection available to existing legacy systems
  • Requires customer programming of 3rd-party interfaces
  • Documentation provided on file layouts and import programs for 3rd-party customization
Depreciation and Section 179 Expense