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INFIMACS II Purchasing Control provides for the maintenance of vendor information and the entry and tracking of purchase orders throughout the entire purchasing process, from generation of the requisition through order receipt and payment. The efficiency of your purchasing department will be enhanced using the on-line capabilities such as pricing history and vendor performance review for both inventory and non-inventory (MRO) purchases.

Requisitions for purchased parts can be manually entered or generated by the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module as it identifies demands which are not being met by scheduled supply orders. Requisitions created by MRP are based on the part’s purchasing parameters (i.e. lead times, economic order quantity, safety stock level, etc.) and entered in “planned” status. Then they must be firmed by a material planner or purchasing agent before becoming available for conversion to purchase orders. INFIMACS II therefore forces the materials plan to be acknowledged and accepted prior to execution.

Purchasing Control provides centralized control over direct and indirect material tracking and vendor performance. Inventory and non-inventory purchase items can be consolidated on a single purchase order.

Messages can be defined and printed on purchase orders to enhance vendor communication. Purchase requisitions can be converted to new purchase orders or placed as line items on existing orders. Additional items can be added to open orders, providing purchasing flexibility and efficiency. Buyers can make decisions on purchase order quantities and due dates supported by price and delivery history for approved vendors. With the addition of the INFIMACS II RFQ module, bids can be obtained from vendors to enhance the selection process. An optional feature adds approval levels for purchase orders up to set dollar amounts. Two levels of approvals, buyer and manager, may be established on all selected purchase orders. The buyer can also access payment history in the INFIMACS II Accounts Payable module.

Subcontract purchase orders print a pick list and track kitting shortages, like a work order, but function as a purchase order for planning, shipping, receiving, and vendor tracking. One document does it all and keeps your paperwork to a minimum. There is no need to create both a work order and a purchase order just because you use subcontractors for assembly or other services.

Purchasing Control can assist in the management of purchased parts inventory by associating vendors with items. This allows you to retrieve all open requisitions for an item and simultaneously review the approved vendors. Buyers can then make their decisions on purchase order quantities and due dates, having considered the lead times and delivery history of the vendors.

INFIMACS II Purchasing Control also manages the receiving function and provides access to the order and receiving history for each item, including quantity ordered, outstanding, and due. Each receipt is assigned a unique receiving control number and is date/time stamped by the system. The system provides an automatic warning if a transaction will cause an over receipt or if the material arrives early. Parts can be received to an inspection or other non-nettable inventory location. All or selected lines on a PO can be received at once with the Mass Receipt program. Receipts are posted to the accrued Accounts Payable account.

Receipts can be input by barcode scanners. Travelers and labels can be output with barcodes. Relevant’s RF Material Data Collection module can be used to enter receipts from any location on the dock without access to an on-line terminal. Returns and RTVs can be made from disposition or from designated NCMR locations. NCMR numbers can be associated with any RTV.

INFIMACS II supports the purchasing department with full reporting and analysis capabilities. Purchase requisition, open purchase order, shortage, expedite and vendor performance reports, to name a few, can be sorted to address the company’s reporting needs from the purchasing application. Purchasing Control provides the information needed for your buyers to communicate effectively with vendors and make sound decisions on vendor selection, pricing, delivery dates, and quantities.


  • Vendor Analysis
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receiving


Vendor Control

  • Multiple Vendor Sites
  • Multiple Terms Codes
  • Vendor Part Numbers and Descriptions
  • Vendor Lists
  • Vendor Account Inquiry
  • Vendor Lead Time
  • Inspection Lead Time
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Rates
  • Link to RFQ (Bids) System

Purchased Item Control

  • Subcontract PO Component Backflush Capability
  • Item/Vendor Performance
  • Lot/Serial Control (Optional)
  • Automatic Cost Standards
  • Purchase of Non-inventory Material

Purchase Order Control

  • On-line Vendor Review and Selection
  • Purchase Requisition Review
  • Buyer and Manager Approvals
  • Consolidated Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Notes
  • Purchase Order Print Sequence
  • Purchase Order Reprint
  • Purchase Order Audit Trail
  • Delivery Review
  • Subcontract Component Pick List tes
  • Subcontract Component Labels
  • Multiple Drop-Ship Addresses
  • Automatic Purchase Orders from Requisitions
  • Purchase Order Line Control
  • Purchase Order Re-open
  • Purchase Order Purge to History
  • Indirect Material Purchase Order Tracking
  • Unit of Measure Conversion Override

Receiving Control

  • Receive/Issue Inventory by Item/Condition Code
  • Unique Receiving Control Number
  • Transactions by User ID and Date/Time
  • Receipt History by Purchase Order
  • Over Receipt Warning
  • Alternate Receiving Location
  • NCMR Numbering
  • Bar-coded Receipts Input
  • Mass Receipts–All Lines on a PO


  • Vendor Master Report
  • Purchase Orders by Vendor
  • Purchase Order Expedite by Vendor
  • Purchase Order Requisition by Vendor
  • Purchase Item Master
  • Purchase Item Analysis
  • Item/Vendor Master
  • Batch Purchase Order Print
  • Purchase Order Reprint
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Requisition
  • Subcontract Shortage
  • Purchase Order Audit
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Purchase Order Receipt
  • Purchase Order Forward Commitment
  • Dollars in Receiving
  • Purchase Order Dollars Mailed
  • Indirect Material Transactions
  • Purchase Order Receiving Locations
  • Bar-coded Receipt Traveler and Labels
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