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Project Control

INFIMACS II Project Control supports multi-level job shops, contract manufacturers, U.S. Government contractors and Engineer to Order concerns with their need to manage operations by project. INFIMACS II Project Control is fully integrated with, and activates special features of, the INFIMACS II manufacturing modules, including Inventory Control, Purchasing, Sales Order Management, Shop Floor Control, MRP, and Manufacturing Cost Control. It is fully integrated with the INFIMACS II Estimating Management module, and may be used in con-junction with the INFIMACS II WBS Reporting module. INFIMACS II Project Control allows the association of inventory items, sales orders, work orders, purchase requisitions, and purchase orders with each project. These features allow management of the manufacturing process by project.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) allows the user to plan by project, or the business may be planned as a whole. The user may elect to plan certain items without regard to projects, so that production or purchasing efficiencies may be maintained.

With INFIMACS II Project Control, the user cost controls the allocation of material to specific projects. Project-to-Project transfers of material may be highly secured through the INFIMACS II security system. Inventory items may be assigned to each specific project, or they may be associated with the "Home Project." Home Project material may be allocated to individual projects as required.

Items may be assigned to the Home Project for MRP planning. When this feature is utilized, requirements for these "Global" items, which occur in individual projects, will result in supply orders being planned in the Home Project. This allows the user to better control the efficiency of the manufacturing and purchasing functions. Each manufacturing work order and purchase order line item is associated with an individual project. This allows INFIMACS II to provide on-line Project Status information at any point throughout the life cycle of each project. Using this feature, the user may enter a specific customer and sales order, and receive on-line information regarding purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and production work orders established to meet the requirements of the project. Windowing features allow the user to "zoom-in" and review details about each of these INFIMACS II supply orders.

INFIMACS II provides detailed project cost reporting to assist in the effective management of the manufacturing environment. The INFIMACS II Project Control module may be implemented in either a standard cost or actual cost environment.

INFIMACS II Project Control provides inventory management features which allow for the management of inventory by project. These features include material requirements analysis by project, inventory stock status by project, cycle counting by project and physical inventory by project.

The INFIMACS II WBS Reporting module provides sophisticated cost management for contract manufacturers and job shops. It is especially designed to assist in meeting the reporting requirements of U.S. Government contractors. The Project Control module is fully integrated with the INFIMACS II WBS Reporting module.


  • Project Analysis
  • Project Control
  • Project Cost
  • Inventory Project Management


  • Project Master File
  • Project Accounts
  • Special Project Charges
  • Work Orders by Project
  • Purchase Orders by Project
  • Purchase Requisitions by Project
  • Inventory Management by Project
  • Material Requirements Analysis by Project
  • MRP by Project
  • Global Items
  • Planned Order Firming by Project
  • Cycle Counting by Project
  • Project-to-Project Stock Transfers
  • Standard or Actual Cost by Project
  • Estimate Release
  • On-line Project Analysis


  • Project Master
  • Work Order Cost Report
  • Labor Bookings by Project
  • Project Cost Report
  • Project Transaction Audit Report
  • Item/Project Cost Report
  • Material Plan Schedule by Project
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