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Abra® Payroll

Payroll processing is a critical function in any business. It is essential to provide payment of wages in a timely and accurate manner. Abra Payroll (from Best Software) offers a comprehensive payroll system, with direct connectivity to INFIMACS II Financials.

Abra Payroll provides the resources needed to process payroll accurately and quickly. Save outsourcing fees, gain control of payroll schedules and tax payments, integrate payroll expenses into INFIMACS II General Ledger, and have current and historical payroll information available when needed.

The information required to produce payroll runs is collected throughout the system. Trial payroll easily reconciles errors prior to final payroll run. Print checks on-site, and on your schedule. Automatically receive quarterly updates to federal and state tax legislation.

Abra Suite generates accurate payroll tax liability reports and supports the Federal Electronic Tax Payment System (FETPS), enabling the electronic filing of taxes. No need to worry about the security of payroll data either. Built-in security effectively restricts access to payroll information, even when work is delegated.


  • Maintain Payroll In-house
  • Check Printing
  • Multi-tiered Time Entry
  • Access Information
  • Government Compliance
  • Integrate with INFIMACS II Financials


In-house Payroll

  • Automatically Calculate Earnings, Deductions, and Taxes
  • Trial Payrolls
  • Calculate Retroactive Pay Automatically
  • Unlimited Number of Deductions per Employee
  • Handles Levies and Garnishments
  • Automatic Payroll Deposit under NACHA Standards
  • Track Multiple Jobs and Projects per Employee
  • Process Multiple Companies and Pay Frequencies in One Run

Multi-tiered Time Entry

  • Enter Time for Multiple Companies, Pay Groups, and Employees
  • Track Available Year-to-Date Vacation, Personal and Illness Accrual
  • Make Real-time Changes Prior to Check Processing

Check Printing

  • Produce Paychecks on Demand
  • Flexible Check Printing Order
  • Print to Forms or Laser Check MICR
  • Automatic Signature Printing
  • Customized Earning Statements

Access Information

  • Reconcile Payrolls and Quarter-ends with Real-time Information
  • Reconcile Checks through Spreadsheet View
  • Maximum Security for Sensitive Data
  • Instant Analyses of Gross-to-Net, 941 Audit, and Employer Tax Liability
  • More than 100 Standard Reports
  • View Reports on Screen, Print, or Export to File for Import to Other Applications
  • Built-in Report Writer

Government Compliance

  • Meet IRS Filing Requirements for Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
  • Support ACH Credit and ACH Debit Filing Methods
  • Receive Quarterly Updates to Federal and State Tax Legislation
  • All Government Forms Included
  • Quickly Determine Payroll Allocations
  • Reports Sorted by Government-required Categories

Payroll Interface to INFIMACS II

  • Uses INFIMACS II Fiscal Calendar
  • Uses INFIMACS II Chart of Accounts
  • Creates Standard GL Journal Entries
  • Updates Account Balances
  • Payroll Data on Financial Statements

Depreciation and Section 179 Expense