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Material Requirements Planning

INFIMACS II Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is the heart of a strong inventory control system. MRP suggests a material plan to meet your production schedule, taking into account lead times and in process cycle times for parts and assemblies. MRP plans work orders and purchase requisitions, and recommends the rescheduling of the current material plan to adhere to the inventory, work order, and purchasing criteria (e.g. min/max stocking levels, batch sizes, etc.) established in other modules. The MRP process uses the computer to do repetitive calculations while freeing the material planner to focus on exception situations.

INFIMACS II Material Requirements Planning uses information from the Sales Order Management, Business Planning, Production Engineering, Inventory Control and Purchasing modules to determine the most efficient and cost effective time-line for replenishing inventory and releasing work orders to the manufacturing floor.

For each non-MPS item, MRP reviews the on-hand balances and planned inventory receipts (supply), then compares the resulting stock with the projected requirements for the item (sales orders, work order demands, purchase order demands). When MRP projects a shortage or an excess of inventory, it suggests an appropriate action for the material planner. It plans work orders and purchase requisitions, and even suggests the rescheduling of existing orders.

INFIMACS II MRP accesses the Bills of Material (BOMs) in Production Engineering to identify all of the materials required to fulfill the production plan. If a BOM has an engineering change scheduled for phase in, orders will be planned using the material prescribed by the BOM in effect based on the date the order is to be released to the shop floor.

The MRP user has the option to define the horizon date for MRP to review, and can also select whether to run a full regeneration of MRP or a net change version. Net change MRP addresses only those items that are impacted by a change since the previous MRP run (perhaps a new customer order). At the completion of each MRP run, action messages may be printed and also stored on the system, and they are accessible on-line to the responsible planner.

INFIMACS II uses special codes to call the planner’s attention to the type of record (demand, supply, or MRP planned supply) being reviewed, allowing the planner to easily identify the record type and act accordingly. In addition, supply records can be updated or shortages reviewed on-line by windowing into order detail from the requirements analysis screen.

In addition to its integration with specific functions from other modules, INFIMACS II Material Requirements Planning provides for access to the complete set of Inventory Control programs from its central menu. The materials planner can therefore accomplish all of the central tasks of his job from this one module.


  • Supply/Demand Analysis
  • Planned Work Orders and Purchase Requisitions


  • On-line Requirements Analysis
  • On-line Action Messages by Responsibility
  • Net Change or Full Regeneration Runs
  • Item Planning by All or Selected Projects
  • Horizon Date Specification
  • Time Sequenced Supplies and Demands
  • Projected Inventory Balance
  • Work Order/Purchase Requisition
  • Rescheduling
  • Firm Work Orders/Purchase Requisitions by Division/ Horizon Date


  • Supply/Demand Analysis
  • Inventory Control Reports
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