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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Module provides managers with the option of pausing the manufacturing process at critical points to allow inspection procedures to be completed. These procedures are fully customizable. The individual tasks can be defined and the persons allowed to perform them can be controlled. All procedures are fully auditable.

Individual items can be designated for: no inspection, a percentage inspection, or inspection of every item. Custom procedures may require more than one inspection before the items are released and regular processing allowed to continue. While these procedures are being performed, all other processing of the items is blocked.

Inspections can be triggered by one of five regular events or launched ad hoc as potential defects are discovered. The responsible user will find this procedure on his or her activity list.

Upon receipt of an item from a work order, that item may be held for an inspection procedure designated by an inspection code stored on the item master. The items will not be moved into inventory until the inspection procedure has been successfully completed.

Upon receipt of an item from a purchase order, the items can be held in an inspection location. Once the inspection has been completed, the items can be moved to their normal location and made available for further processing.

Upon the scrapping of any assembly, managers can decide to have an inspection procedure followed. This can be used to avoid improper disposal of assets as well as gathering data as to defects, root causes, and costs.

In cases where a potential defect is discovered at any point in the manufacturing process, the items can be moved to an inspection location. The movement will trigger a QA procedure.


  • Manage QA Inspection process during:
    • Receipt from work order
    • Receipt from purchase order
  • Capture defect and root cause data
  • Receipt from RMA


  • Fully integrated with INFIMACS II processing
  • Program, table, and field level security
  • Users will find their inspection tasks on their activity task list
  • Complete audit trail
Quality Workbench
Quality Workbench
Quality Workbench

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