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Hazardous and Perishable Material Inventory

Hazardous and perishable materials require special handling and storage for the safety of employees, the plant, and the material itself. Movement of material from one location to another may be dangerous or wasteful. Perishable materials require temperature-controlled storage to minimize loss. The INFIMACS II Hazardous Material module keeps track of this vital information.

Hazardous materials are required by law to have handling instructions specified in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Inventory items that are hazardous or perishable can be flagged in the INFIMACS II Inventory module for additional tracking in the INFIMACS II Hazardous and Perishable Materials module. The MSDS number is used to cross-reference the product Trade Name to an internal item number. More than one item can be cross-referenced to a manufacturer’s MSDS.

Employees handling hazardous or perishable materials need to know shelf-life, out-of-freezer time, volume to weight conversion factors, and authorized storage locations. Storage conditions, building locations, use and reason codes are established for containers used to store and transport hazardous or perishable items. Only certain employees may be authorized to move or dispense hazardous materials. The system keeps track of who moved what when, and any waste percentages.

The INFIMACS II Hazardous Material Module keeps track of all this sensitive information, including MSDS numbers, Start and Stop dates, perishable warnings, and Fire Department history.


  • Identify Hazardous and Perishable Items
  • Maintain Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) Information
  • Authorize Locations, Movements and Transfers
  • Mandate Storage and Handling Requirements


Hazardous and Perishable Items

  • Items Can be Hazardous, Perishable or Both
  • MSDS Required for Hazardous Items
  • Hazardous History
  • Perishable History
  • Fire Department History

MSDS Maintenance

  • MSDS by Brand Name
  • Multiple Items on One MSDS
  • MSDS for Authorized Locations
  • MSDS Stop Date

Movements and Transfers

  • Buildings by Location
  • Locations on MSDS
  • Permits by Location
  • Containers by Location
  • Container Transfers
  • Container Dispensing
  • Employee Authorization
  • Check Out/Check In
  • Shop Floor Movements
  • Item Number Locator/Aging

Storage and Handling

  • Storage Codes
  • Reason Codes
  • Use Codes
  • Weight to Volume Conversion
  • Waste Percent
  • Perishable Time Codes
  • Perishable/Hazardous Warnings
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