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General Ledger

INFIMACS II General Ledger will help your company record and analyze financial data and prepare financial statements and reports. The module provides a multi-company capability and supports consolidated financial reporting across organizational lines.

INFIMACS II General Ledger interfaces with the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Manufacturing Cost Control modules to obtain journal entries and manufacturing cost transactions, thereby providing complete information required for financial analysis. Moreover, INFIMACS II General Ledger allows you to design your own income statements and balance sheets, ensuring that they will meet all of your company’s reporting requirements.

Using the INFIMACS II General Ledger module, both manual journal entries and automatic entries produced by other modules can be reviewed and then posted in double entry format. The system supports recurring and reversing batches, and transaction reversal is simple. Prior to printing reports, your working trial balance and detailed transaction log can be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. The INFIMACS II General Ledger module supports a thirteen period fiscal year and maintains complete account detail for all periods in the current year. In addition, prior year totals and current year budgetary figures by period are stored, providing the information necessary to produce comparative financial reports.

A Chart of Accounts is set up for each company and fiscal year. If multiple companies use the same or a similar chart of accounts format, one Chart of Accounts may be copied to another and then modified. The Chart of Accounts contains only postable General Ledger accounts; therefore, the numbering sequence does not affect how an account is reflected in financial statements. This flexibility ensures that INFIMACS II will meet your financial reporting format requirements. Income statements, balance sheets, and special reports are designed by you for your company using a report creation capability. This feature allows multiple formats for the same report and also accommodates one-time reports for special analytical purposes.

INFIMACS II General Ledger allows for on-line comparative analysis of accounts. A complete audit trail of all General Ledger transactions simplifies the audit process, while on-line access to budgetary and historical data provides management with the information needed to analyze the financial position of the company.


  • General Journal
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Analysis


General Ledger Maintenance

  • Multiple Companies
  • Company/Fiscal Year
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account Duplication
  • Thirteen Period Fiscal Year
  • Account Defaults
  • Main Accounts for Profits and Earnings
  • Period Status Control
  • Projected Budget
  • On-line Detail General Ledger by Account

Journal Processing

  • Double Entry Format
  • Transaction Reversal
  • Forced Balancing
  • Recurring Batches
  • Reversing Batches
  • Manufacturing Account Cross-reference
  • Closed Period Adjustment
  • Working Trial Balance
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Conversion
  • Trial Close
  • On-line Audit Trail
  • Transaction Journals

Financial Reporting

  • Working Trial Balance
  • Income and Balance Sheet
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Transaction Detail Reporting
  • Profit and Loss with Variances
  • Format Detail Report


Operations Reports

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Batch Header/Detail
  • Voucher Batch
  • Transaction Detail
  • Working Trial Balance
  • Detail General Ledger
  • Comparative General Ledger
  • Report Format
  • Manufacturing Module Transfer
  • Integrity Check

Financial Reports

  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheets

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