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Electronic Forms

Relevant’s electronic forms module, rForms, enables all form output from INFIMACS II to be printed on any standard laser printer without the need for preprinted forms.

rForms uses Windows EMF files as the background form, over which the form output from INFIMACS II programs is superimposed for printing, e-mailing, faxing, or saving on-line. Because Windows EMF files are used, you don’t need a special viewer or forms reader. You can place your own logo and address information in the form and resize it as necessary. Forms can be reproduced and printed in color or black and white.

Background EMF files are provided for Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, Packing Slip, and other popular forms. You can also create your own custom forms using any graphics program that produces EMF files. rForms comes with an easy alignment program through which you can place any text file into the form.

All commands are set up in printer maintenance, so you can simply select a printer to create and print the appropriate form. The output can be faxed, e-mailed, or printed right from rForms. If you attach an rForm to an e-mail, your recipient can view or print it from any graphics program.


  • Print Invoices, Purchase Orders, Packing Slips, and other Forms without Preprinted Forms
  • Seamless Operation with INFIMACS II
  • Built-in Fax and E-mail Capability
  • Secure Check Print


  • Uses Windows EMF Files as Background Images
  • Built-in Logo Placement and Sizing Capability
  • Prints on any Networked or Local Printer
  • Produces Single and Multiple Page Forms or Batch Files
  • Can be Printed in Color or Black and White
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