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Fixed Asset Management

FAS from Best Software has been the industry standard in fixed asset accounting solutions for over 15 years. Over 25,000 companies use FAS solutions, including more than 4,500 accounting firms.

FAS Asset Accounting organizes fixed asset data with an easy-to-use Windows interface, performs complex depreciation calculations quickly and easily, and generates accurate and comprehensive reports.

With Relevant’s Fixed Asset Import Interface (RLFAAS), users will be able to add new depreciation journal entries into the INFIMACS II General Ledger from an external ASCII file created by FAS Asset Accounting. The upload process creates a new batch in the GL Batch Header file (RLB) and GL Transaction file (RLT). The data created from this import process is the same as data entered directly into the General Ledger from within INFIMACS II. The entries can be adjusted and posted, and will appear on the General Journal screens and edit list, as well as the financial statements.


FAS Asset Accounting (Best Software)

  • Over 25,000 Customers
  • Windows-based GUI
  • Asset Transfer
  • Partial Disposal
  • Merge/Extract/Transfer Data
  • Password Security
  • Graphical Report Writer
  • 7 Books per Asset
  • Over 20 Depreciation Methods
  • Over 20 Standard Reports
  • Customizable Data Entry Screens
  • Add or Hide Fields
  • Scan in Photos and Documents
  • Transaction History Screens

INFIMACS II Asset Interface

  • Uses INFIMACS II Fiscal Calendar
  • Uses INFIMACS II Chart of Accounts
  • Creates Standard GL Journal Entries
  • Updates Depreciation Account Balances
  • Depreciation Data on Financial Statements
  • Posts Depreciation to Current or Previous Year
  • GL Depreciation History


FAS Reports, Including:

  • Depreciation and Expense
  • Depreciation Summary
  • General Ledger Posting
  • Fixed Asset Summary
  • Asset Basis
  • Net Book Value
  • Disposal Report
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • FASB109 Projection Report
  • Form 4562—Depreciation/Amortization
  • Form 3468—Investment Tax Credit
  • Form 4255—ITC Recapture
  • Form 4626—Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Form 4797—Sales of Property

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