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Online Documentation

INFIMACS II Online Documentation tools facilitate the online management and control of help, multi-media and electronic documents.

Electronic documents can be attached to records or menus in INFIMACS II. These e-documents can be in any standard format, such as Word, PDF, CAD, Windows Help, HTML, EDI Forms, or even graphic and video formats.

INFIMACS II provides document tracking capabilities on many levels. Documents can be added to the Engineering database as reference items and included in bills of material.

Customers can attach assembly instructions, videos, or Good Manufacturing Practices to items, routings or work orders. Documents can be copied from one record to another.

Relevant provides an Online Documentation module with User Guides, File Layouts, and context-sensitive help. Customers can add annotations to Relevant’s help, or attach their own help to INFIMACS II fields and menus without requiring programming.

Wherever you need online documentation, INFIMACS II has the ability to include it.


  • Reference Items
  • Object Control
  • Forms and GMP
  • Online Documentation
  • Context-sensitive Help
  • Annotations Plus
  • User Help
  • Choice of Windows Standard Help or HTML Help


Reference Items

  • Maintain Reference Items
  • Add Reference Items to Bills of Material
  • Attach Documents to Item Records
  • Copy Documents from One Record to Another

Object Control

  • Open Spreadsheets, Videos, Reports, or Other “Objects” from INFIMACS II Records
  • Attach Training Videos, Assembly Instructions, and CAD Drawings to Records or Programs

Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Attach Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to Items, Routings, or Work Orders
  • Copy Completed or Signed-off GMP from One Operation to the Next

Online Reference and Help

  • Open User Guides and Other Documentation Instantaneously from Menus or Icons
  • Search all Relevant Documentation by Key Word or Phrase
  • Find File and Field Names in File Layout Documentation for All Modules
  • Access Context-sensitive Help from Fields in Maintenance Programs

Annotations Plus

  • Attach Annotations to INFIMACS II Field Help
  • Attach Drawings or Run Programs from INFIMACS II Help
  • Retain Annotations after Updating Help
  • Available with 32-bit INFIMACS II

User Maintainable Help

  • Attach Customer-developed Help Directly to INFIMACS II Fields
  • Attach Customer-developed Help or Training to INFIMACS II Menus
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