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Design Engineering

INFIMACS II Design Engineering facilitates the development of new product engineering information and the modification of existing information in an environment free from the constraints of manufacturing document control. Design Engineering provides maximum flexibility by enabling the design engineer to develop data to support working models of both parts and bills of material prior to their production release.

Using INFIMACS II Design Engineering, the engineer can define new items and structure bills of material for new products on the design database. As a starting point for product changes or the development of new products, the design engineer may copy items and bills of material from the Production Engineering database to the Design Engineering database.

Bills of material and products defined in the INFIMACS II Design Engineering module are not available to any other INFIMACS II module until they are transferred to the Production Engineering database. Once the design activity is completed and the decision is made to implement the new or modified product, the entire product structure and all associated item masters can be copied to the Production Engineering database. The transfer process is accessed through and controlled by the security of the Production Engineering module. This transfer eliminates re-entering this data and the associated risk of key entry errors.

INFIMACS II Design Engineering allows the creation/modification of item master data and the structuring of bills of material. These functions are analogous to their counterparts in the Production Engineering module. A comprehensive series of reports is included with the Design Engineering module.


  • Separate Design Item/Bills of Material
  • Prototype Release to Production Engineering


Design Item Control

  • Design Item Master
  • Copy from Production Engineering Item Master

Design Bill of Material Control

  • Design BOM Maintenance
  • On-line Single Level BOM
  • On-line Where Used
  • BOM Implosion
  • Copy from Production Engineering BOM
  • User Messages Tied to Parts within BOM



  • Design Engineering Item Master
  • Production Engineering Item Master

Bills of Material

  • Single Level BOM
  • Single Level BOM with Costs
  • Single Level/Where Used
  • Indented BOM
  • Consolidated BOM
  • Item with No Parent
  • Design Engineering BOMs
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