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Business Alerts

INFIMACS II offers powerful ERP tracking of events, dates, and the status of purchase orders, sales orders, work orders, inventory quantities, and financial due dates and aging dates. But even INFIMACS II requires that someone checks the data, whether in reports or on-line queries, to know when something is scheduled, a status has changed, payments are due, or schedules are slipping. With Business Alerts from WorkWise, the system automatically notifies the people who need to know when these important events occur.

WorkWise Business Alerts acts as your communication central for INFIMACS II, helping to keep customers and personnel “in the know.” WorkWise invisibly monitors data fields for specified activity and then automatically communicates that activity to the appropriate customers and personnel via e-mail.

WorkWise Business Alerts brings your INFIMACS II data alive to improve the efficiency of your business and the satisfaction of your customers. Cycle times improve, employee communication rises, and customers begin to enjoy personalized attention in every transaction.

You don’t need complex programming or highly skilled IS personnel to use Business Alerts with INFIMACS II. All you have to do is spend a few minutes setting up the business rules and schedules for WorkWise Business Alerts to follow. You select the events that trigger the notifications, who gets notified, and the text or data that goes into the notification. Just tell it 1) where to watch, 2) what condition to watch for, and 3) what steps to take when that condition is detected. WorkWise Business Alerts can send e-mail via any SMTP or MAPI compatible mail server.


  • Send E-mail Based on User-defined Triggers
  • Set E-mail Recipients Based on Events
  • Merge Data from INFIMACS II into E-mail Notifications


Ease of Use

  • INFIMACS II Connection and Installation Support
  • Requires No End User Programming
  • User-definable Triggers and Alerts

Monitor Events

  • Monitor Date and Time Sensitive Events
  • Flag Critical Operations
  • Track Milestones
  • Expedite Receipts
  • Rate Vendor Deliveries and Customer Payments

Define Triggers and Recipients

  • Set Triggers by Date, Status, or Other Criteria
  • Alert Managers, Planners, Customers
  • Create Alerts Based on Status Change
  • Notify Buyers when PO is Mailed or Acknowledged
  • Notify Planners when Components are Allocated or Issued
  • Notify Customers when Products are Shipped

Merge Data into E-mail

  • Create E-mail with Order Numbers
  • Customer Names
  • Vendor Statistics
  • Attach Word Documents, Crystal Reports, or PDFs
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