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Business Wizard

The Windows®-based Business Wizard is a fully interactive information portal and business management tool providing executives and managers in all segments of your enterprise the ability to access, analyze, and use information from ERP data in a meaningful way.

Business Wizard overlays the entire enterprise system and creates specific views of the information and data needed to make decisions. It provides the ability to render complex real-time data from any department within a company into an understandable format.

Business Wizard offers superior, enterprise-wide information management and analysis by combining instant access to multiple levels of vital business data within an easy-to-use business intelligence management tool.

Visibility of information from the plant floor to the boardroom combined with the application of business rules, sophisticated analytics, policies, and metrics is essential to enable management to meet crucial business requirements.

Business Wizard can supply views and analysis of critical information to address the fundamental business concern of comparing operational performance against business metrics and provides the tools to act on the results.


  • Information Management, Data Mining and Navigation Tool
  • Enterprise-wide data integration


  • Navigate into specific functional areas to effect change
  • Use templates that pull together data from multiple sources and present them in charts, graphs, and reports
  • Quickly create user-specific Data Views
  • Analyze complex data to make better-informed decisions
  • Render complex data into actionable information
  • Deploy across the entire Enterprise
  • Database independent
  • Use complexity science to intelligently sort through large amounts of data
Business Wizard
Business Wizard
Business Wizard

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