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AutoCAD Interface

AutoCAD, from AutoDesk Inc., contains a standard feature that allows the engineer to define part numbers and bills of material within AutoCAD drawings. The AutoCAD Interface, from Relevant, contains an additional feature for AutoCAD 14 and AutoCAD 2000 that allows the engineer to define certain unique information required by INFIMACS II within AutoCAD drawings. Once defined in this manner, the parts and bills can then be transferred from Auto-CAD into INFIMACS II, creating the standard item master and bill of material records within the INFIMACS II database.

The transfer process utilizes AutoCAD’s ASCII file generation capabilities, coupled with the AutoCAD Interface, to create two ASCII files. The data is then imported into INFIMACS II using the standard Item Master and Bill of Materials upload programs. The two ASCII files created by AutoCAD contain all of the mandatory information, in addition to the default values required by INFIMACS II.

The transfer process enforces the same quality control checks and balances as used on the standard INFIMACS II maintenance screens. For example, if a part is defined in AutoCAD using a commodity code or unit of measure that does not exist in the INFIMACS II tables, the upload process will reject the record and create a message in the error log. This message indicates the reason for the reject and the corrective action required.

Once loaded into INFIMACS II, the items and bills are identical to items and bills added directly into the system using the standard INFIMACS II maintenance screens.


  • Define Parts, Bills, and Related Information in AutoCAD
  • Transfer AutoCAD Parts and Bills to INFIMACS II Master Files

Features AutoCAD (AutoDesk)

  • Widely Used CAD System
  • Define Parts using AutoCAD Blocks
  • Link Parts to Parent Drawings
  • Generate AutoCAD Parts Lists and Bills
  • Export Parts and Bills to ASCII Files

AutoCAD Interface (Relevant)

  • Enter Unique Information Required by INFIMACS II
  • Import Data from ASCII Files
  • Create Engineering Item Master
  • Create Inventory Item Master
  • Create Purchasing Item Master
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Validate All Incoming Data
  • Generate Messages in Error Log

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