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The Activity Tracking module is a complete browser-based system for assigning, scheduling, tracking, and costing activities as a series of predefined tasks. AT is the core module of a new generation of web-enabled applications designed to compliment the standard INFIMACS II ERP system.

The competitive advantage of many businesses depends upon implementing and executing unique business policies and procedures. The modern generation of advanced ERP systems, such as INFIMACS II, have enabled more effective control of standard business processes.


  • Assign accountability for recurring or ad hoc activities
  • Assure security and skill level of assignees
  • Record accurate costs at the task level
  • Schedule tasks according to resource availability


  • Manage tasks with any Internet connection
  • Zero client-side maintenance
  • Program, table, and field level security
  • Screen labels user-maintainable
  • Tasks may be sequenced serially or concurrently
  • Templates allow easy creation of recurring activity

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