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Accounts Payable

INFIMACS II Accounts Payable facilitates the on-line management and control of the company’s payment activity. The module maintains a complete audit trail of transactions from voucher entry through check reconciliation and the transfer of information to the General Ledger. INFIMACS II Accounts Payable records statistical data on the business done with each vendor, making cash flow analysis possible.

Vendors are established on-line in files shared between INFI¬MACS II Accounts Payable and Purchasing Control. Payables address, credit data, payment terms, and exchange rates (if dealing with foreign currency) are among the information set up for each vendor. Historical data, such as delivery days and items received, accepted and rejected, is maintained and used to optimize vendor selection based on the criteria important to your company.

Vouchers can be transferred into accrued Accounts Payable directly from Purchasing Control on a real-time basis, or manually entered and posted to vendor accounts. INFIMACS II accommodates the distribution of payments across multiple accounts according to your policies. Approved vouchers may be debited, credited, or selected for payment. Payment selection can be based on a variety of criteria, such as vendor payment cycle or invoice date, allowing your company to improve cash flow by automatically taking advantage of discounts offered by vendors. Once selected for payment, vouchers can be reviewed and individual payments withheld or amounts modified prior to check printing. Batch data controls ensure data accuracy and simplify error identification and correction operations. INFIMACS II not only automatically prints checks, but also allows for handwritten checks using the quick check feature of the system.

The Accounts Payable module maintains a check register for each account that facilitates reconciliation with your bank statement. If a vendor has been specified as a foreign currency vendor, then all Accounts Payable reporting, including checks, will be done in the specified foreign currency.

INFIMACS II Accounts Payable provides the audit trails and controls required for an efficient payables operation. Batch totals are checked by the system and batch lists can be printed during each step of the payables cycle. Account distribution reports and check registers are another source for reviewing and verifying data. Aged trial balances, cash flow reporting, and vendor analysis facilitate review of the entire payables operation and provide the tools to effectively manage and control your company’s finances.


  • Vouchering
  • Check Processing
  • Agings
  • Foreign Exchange


Vendor Control

  • Multiple Vendor Sites
  • Multiple Terms Codes
  • One-time Vendors
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Processing
  • 1099 Option

Voucher Control

  • Company Number/Fiscal Year
  • Accounting Periods
  • Purchase Order Matching
  • Account Distribution
  • Credit and Debit Memo Processing

Check Selection and Payment

  • Quick Check Option
  • Check Selection Criteria
  • Partial Payments
  • Payment Withholding
  • Check Run Preview
  • Check Alignment
  • Check Printing
  • Check Voiding

Month-End Processing

  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Check Register Report
  • Check Clearing Process
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Account Distribution

Batch Processing

  • Batch Total Checking
  • Unclose/Unpost Capability
  • User-defined Messages on Each Transaction
  • Selective Listing of Batches
  • Audit Control by Batch
  • Database Integrity Check
  • Application Printer Assignment
  • Transaction History


Operations Reports

  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Vendor List
  • Voucher Batch
  • Account Distribution
  • Check Selection List
  • Check Batch
  • Check Register
  • Integrity Check

Management Reports

  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Cash Flow
  • Vendor Analysis
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